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On This Month's Show
10/17/14 - Films Round The World
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Our October showcase, FILMS AROUND THE WORLD deals with film an an international commodity. In terms of commercial entertainment at home, on the big screen in theaters everywhere, and for promotional use by corporate, it has had an unparaleled effect on the economy of nations around the world. According to the MPAA over 50,000 films were produced in 2013 with Canada and the U.S. leading the pack with 1.34 million tickets sold at the box office and generating over $3 billion in revenue. Coupled with all other forms of film production media for entertainment the revenue base was over $31 billion in the U.S. Globally this figure was $88 billion. Hear more on www.letstravelradio.com from spokespersons from a number of leading countries who know film.

Guests - Our thanks to the following individuals who helped make this show a winning combination for us:

. Giancarlo Lombardi, is Professor of Italian and Comparative Literature at the College of Staten Island and at the CUNY Graduate Center, where he serves as Chair of the PhD program in Comparative Literature. He has published extensively on Italian cinema and television and is currently working on a volume on the rhetoric of fear in Italian television drama from the 60s and 70s.

. Daniel Diosdado, is a New York-based Spaniard filmmaker. His last two feature films ("Session" and "Queen of the bar") have been internationally awarded along with his 10 short films and webseries. In 2013 he moved from Madrid, Spain, to NYC to expand his career developing new projects such as ''Chromosome 4''and ''The Center of the Room'', both in postproduction. Currently he is putting all the pieces together for his next feature, a sci-fi action drama called "The Last War".

. Dmitriy Khavin, began his film career at the Odessa Film Studios in Ukraine. Since 1992 he has lived in the U.S. where he works as a director, editor and cinematographer. Khavin's television credits include programs for HBO, PBS, Discovery, MTV, Link TV, Jewish Life TV, etc. In addition, he produced and directed the following documentary films:
'Quiet in Odessa', 2014,
'Sukkot in Warsaw', 2014,
(2014 Toronto Jewish Film Festival, 2014 Berlin Jewish Film Festival)
'The Territory', 2013,
(Jewish Motifs Film Festival Poland 2013, Zagreb Jewish Film Festival 2013, Bucharest Jewish Film Festival 2013)
'Artists of Odessa's, 2011, 1+1 (Ukraine)
'Across the Narrow Bridge', 2009, 45 min. Jewish Life TV (US)
'Odessa Motives,p', 2008, Belsat TV (Poland)
'The Russians are Coming', 2007, Link TV (US)

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