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On This Month's Show
12/11/14 - Cibo e Musica in Italia
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Italian food and music for The Holidays with Susi's guests: Italian food expert, Lou Di Palo, singer/songwriter/Italian teacher, Pina Magri, Professor Emeritus of Italian at Smith College, Iole Magri, Amy Lamenzo and Bindo Brilli, owners of Frantoia La Corte (olive oil producers) and Vito, the owner of Aroma, a kitchen and winebar in NYC. And you'll learn about Italian holiday traditions like La Befana.
Buon Natale e Buon Anno a Tutti!

Guests on Cibo e Musica d'Italia
L to r: Amy Lamenzo, Lou di Palo, Pina Magri, Susi, Bindo Brilli, seated Iole Magri

Guests - Our thanks to the following individuals who helped make this show a winning combination for us:

. Lou Di Palo, along with his brother Sal and sister Marie, are the fourth generation of the family to run Di Palo Fine Foods founded as a latteria by their great-grandfather, Savino, in 1910 in New York's Little Italy. Lou is also considered to be a preeminent Italian-food expert. His book " Di Palo's Guide to the Essential Foods of Italy" (written with Rachel Wharton and with an Introduction by Martin Scorsese) contains recipes, guides for buying, storing and serving Italian foods and also Italian food history.


. Pina Magri, is a soprano/singer/songwriter who has performed extensively in Europe on stage and televison as well as a studio recording artist. Pina has created several one-woman concerts, such as "From Italy with Love" and "From Bach to Broadway." She is also an adjunct instructor in Italian at Hunter College in New York City.


. Iole Magri, is Professor Emeritas of Italian at Smith College in Northampton, MA, where she taught for more than 25 years after teaching for 15 years at Mt. Holyoke College also in Massachusetts. She was one of the very first women Fullbright scholars to come to the US in 1953.

. Amy Lamenzo and Bindo Brilli, are the owners of Frantoio La Corte, in Tuscany, Italy, which produces olive oil from olive groves which have been in Bindo's family for five generations.


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